1. Show up.

2. Show up.  (not a typo)

3. Act in a spirit of invitation.

4. Act in the knowledge that love multiplies.

5. Be afraid, do it anyways.

6. Think on your feet.


7. Practice self care.

The Tribe Manifesto

What is The Tribe?


The Tribe is an artist collective and intentional community.  More importantly, we conceived of The Tribe in order to answer a few questions about contemporary life. For example, what does it mean that you have hundreds of Facebook friends and Twitter “followers,” but if you have a health emergency, your “friends” are slow in coming to your aid? Or, as an artist you put on a show, and no one shows up?


Our big questions are these: what does intimacy mean in an age of social media? What does kinship mean under these circumstances? And how are we, as artists, tapped into so many networks, and still lacking a meaningful, engaged audience? This is not the familiar “butts in seats” line of questioning (as in, how do we get more). Instead, we are daring to ask: how can we create art that engages, addresses, and is accountable to our audience? That sounds more like “how do we create a community” and less like “how do we create art that assumes one in order to reach it.” Eureka!


In short, The Tribe is a growing group of friends, culture workers, academics, community organizers, healers, etc. that share an affinity for challenging one another, and for fighting for a better, more equitable future. We create art that does this and we support others who do the same.